Smart Watches, How do they Compare?

With the new year approaching, most people are reevaluating their fitness goals and preparing their minds, body, and souls for their fitness challenges. If you are planning to take on fitness in 2019 there are a few key things to consider. Will you hire a trainer? Should you take on the challenge alone? Are there any friends that can help you reach your fitness goal? Do you have the necessary products to help you reach your goals? There are many products out there that promise to help you with your fitness goals. But how do they compare? I am going to compare two watches that caught my eye for my fitness goals. Both are equally great, but their features are different. If you are new to fitness or a fitness guru, a smartwatch is a must for your fitness goals.

There are many brands of smartwatches available online and in retails stores. The best reviews are from the popular brand Apple! Apple’s smartwatches are a huge success because of their user-friendly features. As fitness becomes a huge trend, smartwatches are contributing to the likelihood that your fitness goals can be reached. The latest smartwatch from Apple is the Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular, 40mm) – Space Gray Aluminium Case with Black Sports Band.

Key Features:

  • Large display
  • NEW electrical heart sensor
  • Low & high heart rate detector
  • Fall detection and emergency SOS
  • Automated workout detection
  • New yoga & hiking workouts
  • Up to 5 metrics to track your favorite ways to train
  • Activity tracking with friends
  • Personalized coaching
  • Monthly challenges
  • Achievement awards
  • Walkie-Talkie
  • New Siri features
  • Phone calls & messages

Apple has made sure that they are on top of the technology world! The watch is basically a trainer that will help you keep your fitness goals organized and you’ll look chic while doing it.

Check out Apple’s smartwatches HERE

Another smartwatch to look out for is the 321OU Touch Screen Bluetooth Smart Watch Smartwatch Phone Fitness Tracker. This smartwatch has plenty of features for the average person and is compatible with Android. This watch is for people who want to make their fitness goals and save cash at the same time. There are many great features to this watch, but my favorite is the material that the watch band is made from. The anti-sweat feature is my favorite feature because I hate when my watch feels like it is wet or slipping off. The material allows the watch to stay in place even when you are sweating during your workout.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel wire drawing surface
  • Anti-sweat matte surface treatment
  • Precision laminating process
  • Ergonomic convex design and soft strap which makes wearing more comfortable
  • Two working models. 1. Bluetooth 2. SIM card
  • Sync function
  • Multi-function fitness tracker
  • Android & IOS compatible

This watch will not disappoint in any area. It is lightweight and the features are comparable to top brands of fitness watches. The reviews for this watch and the price of this watch makes it a favorite for many. For the amount of technology and chicness put into this watch, it is priced very well.

Check out the Touch Screen Bluetooth fitness watch HERE

I decided that whichever watch I buy will be a good choice because both of the watches have the features that I need. I am new to the fitness and health scene and I need to start this journey with a head start. The most important feature is the tracker that both the watches comes with. The workout tracker is important because when I am on my morning runs I want to know when I hit my mile goal and what my heart rate is at my highest running speed. I also want to know when I am pushing myself too far or when I am not pushing far enough.

I ended up with an Apple watch because I am serious about my weight loss goal and I already have an iPhone. I also loved the choices in colors and the way it fits my small wrist. I’ve bought watches in the past that were adjustable, but my wrist is so small that the watches would move as I ran leaving a watch print on my wrist. For my Apple products are easier to use and understand, so it was just an easier choice.

What fitness products have you used that you loved? Do you know of any fitness challenges that actually work for weight loss? Please let me know in the comments below, I still have room in my workout schedule that is blank!