Milkmakers Lactation Cookies

My first daughter was born 6 weeks premature. She spent her first 10 days of life in the NICU and when she came home she wasn’t interested in breastfeeding. I pumped and bottle-fed her for three weeks and my breast milk slowed down. I tried to stick it out but eventually had to use formula.

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My second daughter was born a week before her due date. She latched on perfectly and hit all of her markers for the first 6 weeks. My milk started to slow down around 7 weeks and I had to supplement. I searched for a way to increase my milk production and came across Milkmakers Lactation Cookies.

I read the reviews and found that it was common for breastmilk to slow down. I also found that the cookies helped other women in similar situations increase their milk production.

I found the cookies on Amazon in a variety of flavors. I really love the taste and crunch. There isn’t an after taste or chalky flavor. One pack of cookies and a cup of milk felt like a treat! I ate one pack per day and on the second day my milk increased. I ate a pack a day for a week and my breastmilk was coming in perfectly. I added my first full bag of milk to the freezer on day 8. I usually add my saved breastmilk to the refrigerator so baby can bottle feed while I sleep. But I had enough for the night time feeds and enough to freeze by day 8.

The box came with 10 packs of cookies. All of the flavors are pretty good. But my favorite is the Chocolate Salted Carmel cookies.

Have you tried Milkmakers Lactation Cookies? What is your favorite flavor? Did the cookies help your breastmilk production?

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