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There are so many joyous and amazing milestones that we reach as we grow older. Becoming a parent is one of the happiest moments of our lives. Like most firsts, being a new parent can also be a challenge and scary. There are so many different things to learn about your baby that you can feel overwhelmed.

All babies are similar in their needs, yet different in how they want those needs to be taken care of. To learn what your baby needs are you will need to keep a record of their entire day. By keeping a record of when they were fed or when the diapers were changed, you will be able to put your baby on a schedule. While putting your baby on a schedule may seem like a simple task, it is not!

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Why is it important to put your baby on a schedule from day one?

When you put your baby on a schedule you are also putting yourself on a schedule. The reason why schedules are important for any new parent and newborn is because eventually you will introduce baby to your busy life. Lets be honest! Most parents are working parents, meaning that when you go back to work in the next 6-8 weeks, baby will be introduced to an entirely new lifestyle. If baby is not on a schedule, parents and baby will have a hard time with the transition. Even if you are a stay at home parent, there are many different things that you will be responsible for in a single day. Knowing when baby needs to eat and sleep will help you find time to complete important tasks and it will also help with planning your naps and rest time. Resting during the early months when baby arrives is EXTREMELY important. If you are not getting the proper rest, you may experience breastfeeding issues or post partum depression. Both are serious issues and resting will help you and baby.

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If you have decided to exclusively breast feed, you have made a great decision. We all know that there are great health benefits to breast feeding your baby. We also know that breast feeding creates a bond between mommy and baby. The experience should be a happy one for both mommy and baby and a good way to ensure that it is, is to write down when baby ate, which breast was used during last feeding and how long baby used that particular breast. These are important questions to answer during each feeding because it will help you avoid sore breasts by not over using the same one and it will also help build your supply of pumped milk.

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Did you know that it is important to monitor your babies diapers?

Who knew that dirty diapers would be important to track? It is important to track how many dirty diapers your newborn has because dirty diapers will let you know a lot about babies digestion, milk intake and sometimes your diet if you are breast feeding. If baby had an emergency, doctors will ask about the last poopy diaper and all of the details around it. Tracking will also let you know when baby is most likely to have a poopy diaper so that you can plan around it.

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In a perfect world, all babies would come home perfectly healthy and thrive without assistance. But there are so many different issues that could happen with a new baby that we may need to rely on medication. In the event that your baby will need medication, it will be important to track when the baby received the medication and which medication baby received. A medication tracker will also come in handy when baby or toddler is sick and has multiple caregivers.


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