10 Ways To Update Your Car Under $20

I have put together a list of 10 ways to upgrade your car under $20! When updating your car, there are so many ways to make your car your own. Most of us already love our cars, but as we spend more time traveling, it becomes a small box of clutter. We can easily update our cars by adding new car organizers, cleaning our upholstery, adding new floor mats and even cleaning our car floors.

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Check out the list I put together and let me know what you think in the comments below!

10 Ways To Upgrade Your Car Under $20

  1. Car Floor Mats

One way to update your car is by adding new floor mats. Sometimes a small pop of color will give your car a bold upgrade.

Purchase Car Floor Mats

2. Bluetooth Wireless FM Transmitter

If your car does not have the option of an auxiliary cord, a Bluetooth transmitter will be a great upgrade option. Most transmitters will require a charging port, but it will be easy to plug in your cell phone or music player.

Purchase the Wireless Car FM Transmitter

3. Car Armrest Cover

Look for your favorite color armrest and matching car mats to really add a personalized look to your car.

Purchase the Car Armrest Cover

4. Car Rug Floor Cleaner

The obvious answer to updating a car is to give it a good cleaning! Cleaning the cars carpet is apart of normal upkeep. But, most times we don’t clean the carpet until a disaster strikes! The Car Guys brand will cut through dirt and oil and it is very well priced. It also comes with a microfiber towel to help collect dust and dirt from your dashboards.

Purchase the Car Cleaner

5. Brush Attachments

If you need to clean your upholstery or your car floor, this attachment will help you clean it quickly and easily. This is my go-to attachment to clean anything, especially the tile in the bathrooms. But, once I used it in my car, I was hooked!

Purchase the Brush Attachment

6. Car Port Charger

Double port car chargers are great to have on hand. The idea of sharing chargers on long road trips are a thing of the past. Charge anything from cell phones to portable DVD players quickly with these fast powered car charging ports.

Purchase the Double Port Car Charger

7. Cell Phone Mount

Car mounts are essential to safe driving. Almost every State in the United States has a policy that doesn’t allow the motorist to operate a cell phone while driving. Rideshare drivers need a heavy duty car mount because they frequently use them. My motto is buy it cheap, buy it twice! This heavy-duty car mount should not be overlooked.

Purchase the Car Mount

8. Interior Car Cleaner

This all-purpose cleaner is the best for wiping off leather car interior and dashboards. It is organic and safe to use around pets and children. I love how it leaves behind a polished finish. And if you use the free microfiber towel that comes with it, it will also do a good job of grabbing all of the dust. I don’t have to use it as often as other brands because it blocks dust from settling around my dashboard. The bottle really does go a long way.

Purchase this All Purchase Interior Car Cleaner

9. Glasses Holder

These cute clips are an easy way to organize your car. They come in cute colors to match any car interior and they are really easy to use. If you frequently lose your driving glasses or sunglasses, this is a great idea to stay organized.

Purchase the Sun Visor Glasses Holder

10. Back Seat Car Organizer

Back seat car organizers are great for family cars. Organizing your car for long road trips with children can take up a lot of needed space. These organizers will make it easy for your children to entertain themselves as well as keep your back seat organized.

Purchase the Back Seat Car Organizers

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