How Closely You Monitor Your Kids Could Be The Difference Between Life And Death For Your Entire Family

When we look at our children, we usually see their innocence and careless but careful demeanor. But there are children across the world that have committed the worst crimes known to man. Some were caught right away and some almost got away with it. The most surprising child killers are those who have not reached puberty and are female.

Jasmine Richardson 

Jasmine was a 12-year-old preteen that lived in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada with her family. In April of 2006, unknown to her mother, father and brother, Jasmine and her adult boyfriend decided to kill her entire family in the name of love.

Jasmine in her preteen/teen phase met her adult boyfriend Jeremy who was 23 years old. They met online in a Canadian chat room for young adults. Jasmine lied at first, telling Jeremy that she was 15 years old. She pretended to be older than she was until she and Jeremy met face to face. He knew that she was younger than she leads on, yet he still pursued her anyway.

Soon friends and family began to question their relationship and this infuriated them both because they were unable to see each other. Jeremy did not care that his friends and family despised his relationship. After all, he was a 23-year-old man and Jasmine was a 12-year-old girl. Even though his family and friends disagreed with his relationship, Jeremy continued to pursue Jasmine. There were other weird things about Jeremy that 12-year-old jasmine did not understand. For instance, Jeremy believed he was a werewolf and he wore a vial of blood around his neck. To the average 23-year-old woman, this would have been a red flag that something was off about Jeremy and it would have been a signal to end the relationship. But, 12-year-old Jasmine thought that he was good enough and continued to date him.

One night, the happy couple decided to watch the movie Natural Born Killers. Jeremy has been quoted from his friends that he was going to carry out the movie exactly the way it plays out in the end. So on that fatal night, the pair used a knife to butcher Jasmine’s entire family so that they could be together forever in peace. The murder plan worked perfectly in their minds. They decided that if they killed her family, no one would be able to keep them apart. After the murders, they ran away to begin their lives together. Not before they were caught and charged with three first degree murder. Jasmine was a preteen when she committed the murders. In Canada, the laws don’t allow children to serve life sentences, she was sentenced to 10 years for her role in the murders. She was released in 2017 without any restrictions.  Jeremy, however, wasn’t so lucky! He admitted to murdering the family and received a life sentence for each of the murders.

The reality of children growing up is scary for most parents. It is the unknown. In most cases, parents seem to be unprepared for the different stages and changes that could happen in life. You may believe that you understand or know your child. But what if you don’t? Do you think that Jasmine’s parents could have prevented this from happening? If so how?

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