After Christmas Amazon Deals That Are Happening Now And They Too Good To Pass Up

Amazon always has special deals, but this month’s deals are just too good to pass up. My family has been in the market for a few different products that will help add value to the home that we purchased a few months ago. I always make sure that I do a bunch of research on the product that I need to make sure I am getting the best price. I stumbled onto amazon because I am in the market for a specific backsplash tile that I checked out in home depot. I figured I would search online for a better deal before I jumped into the project. Of course, once I got onto the Amazon website, I started to double check the other things on the list and a few of them are cheaper to buy online. Here’s a list of times that are on sale this month. There are limited amounts available and some of the sales can end without notice.

(I love that you are reading my list of after Christmas sale ideas. But first I wanted to let you know that if you make a purchase through one of the links I provided I could receive a credit or compensation at no cost to you)

1. Echo Devices

I was skeptical about the Echo devices because I thought it was strange to have someone do everything for me. It took me a while to take it out the box and set it up because I just wasn’t interested in it. Once I finally set it up, I am in love with this thing. The sound is really good and it actually helps out a lot. I would recommend that if you have a busy life and need a personal assistant to remind you of this, this is the device for you.

2. Fire Tablets 25% off – Trade In and Gift Card

The trade-in promotion is happening now and it is one of my favorite promotions that Amazon has. The idea of buying the kids a new tablet every year is driving me nuts, but now that this program is available, I don’t mind it as much since I earn a gift card and a discount. Lets face it, tech is taking over the world and this is one of those things that parents cannot stop from happening. I encourage parents to download educational games and lock anything that may be inappropriate. Amazon also has an app that is only for kids. It is really good and if you want to check it out, click HERE.

3. Fire Sticks

The fire stick has been upgraded with data and speed. I love the fire stick because it keeps all of our favorite things like Netflix and Hulu in one place. Fire sticks are taking over cable because it helps cut costs. If you haven’t purchased a fire stick yet, now would be a perfect time.

4. Fire HD 10 Tablet

Each year Amazon releases a new version of their fire tablet. Each year the new tablet is better than the previous years. This year’s tablet comes with features like Alexa and audio books already available for download. The speaker system is clearer and the screen and graphics are really good.

5. Wilson Sports Products

Wilson is a popular brand that is used in most sports. Because of the brand popularity and how great the products are made, Wilson is a more expensive brand of sports products. The deal is discounted for the after Christmas sale.

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