Top 5 Places To Register For Your Baby Shower

Deciding where to register is very important when planning a baby shower. Before you decide not to register for your baby shower or let your guests decide what they should buy, consider the fact that there will be guests who may not have children or know what to buy babies or guests that don’t know your particular style.  Even if they decide to buy something different a registry can point them in the right direction of things that you may need or want. But, in my opinion, It is easier to make a registry because you can tell your guests exactly what you want or exactly what you need.

If you are planning your baby shower registry it is important that you register at, at least two different stores and to make sure you consider two important factors before you choose a store to host your registry.

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Important Factors

  1. What do you want or need from your guests?
  2. How do the majority of your guest’s shop?

When deciding where to register you may want to go online and start adding random things to your baby registry. But consider the fact that you will get a bunch of things that you may not need and none of the things you actually needed. It is important to add the most essential items to your registry and only add the fun or cute items when you’ve added everything you actually need. A good rule of thumb is to add 75% of what you need and 25% of what you want to each registry. Also, consider where your guests shop at and what will be the most convenient for them. If you know that most of your friends are amazon prime members, it will make sense to register for your baby shower at Amazon. If you know that your entire family loves to shop at Target, consider registering at target. The idea is to make sure that your guest has an easy and convenient shopping experience. I’ve put together the top five baby registry retailers below for you to consider and review.

(I hope you love the retailers I recommend. Please tell me your favorite registry retailer in the comments. But first, NicoleNikkole may be compensated or given a special credit for your registry if you register through the links I provided in the post. Of course this will be at no additional charge to you!) 

1.  Amazon

Amazon has a great baby registry available online. If you decided to register through amazon, you have the opportunity to help save your guests money and add a variety of products to your registry. You will also get a free gift just for registering! The guests that may not make it to your baby shower or guests who may live out of town can ship your gift directly to your home. The feature is really good for mommy-to-be because most of the products you need that would come from multiple stores could be found on one site and shipped  directly to you. Registering at amazon will also help you limit your registries to two.

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2. Target Baby Registry

Target is another one of my favorite baby registry retailers because they have a good selection of baby items and more than one way to register for baby showers. You have the option to register in store and online. The option to register in the store is great for people who need to see the items in person. Another benefit of registering in store is the free gift you get when you are done! Target also will give you a discount on the items that your guests did not buy after your baby shower is over. If you register online, you have to go into the store and request your gift. If Target is on your list of registries, start your registry online to cut down the registration time when you go into the store.

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3. Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids has a chic selection of baby items available for your registry online and in the store. Their registry is full of beautifully made baby essentials and ideas that any new mom to be would love to have. If you are considering registering at Pottery Barn Kids, consider adding all of your chic baby blankets, car seat covers and baby bath essential items because of their customize option. They have a good selection of baby items for your babies first year. After you complete your registry, you will get coupons and a free gift option with your baby registry email confirmation.

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4. Buy Buy Baby Registry

Buy Buy Baby has a great selection of pretty much anything you need for babies. If you are considering adding car seats, baby gear, nursery furniture or clothes, Buy Buy baby is a really good option. They have a really good selection of everything but if you need nursery furniture they are a one stop shop. Their discounted prices and variety in product makes it easy to decorate a room.  The registry is easy to fill out and they will give you a free gift once you complete the registry.

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5. Walmart Baby Registry

Registering at Walmart is really easy online or in store. The benefits of registering at Walmart are endless and very beneficial. If you get more than one of an item you can return or exchange them with ease. The selection of baby products are really good and they have more than one option for most of their items. Walmart has a lot of information on their website about babies that is beneficial to read like what to expect when your baby is born and the first year of your babies life, must-haves.

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Each registry has their own benefits and I’ve noticed a trend of registries over the years. Amazon and Target is a favorite so far and Buy Buy bay is not far behind. All of the registries have information about babies and checklists for more than just shopping needs. Another benefit for all of the registries listed above is that you can register for them all or register with only your favorites  for free and still grab the free gift baskets!  Even if no one buys a gift from the registry. But lets be honest, someone will buy a gift from which ever registry you make available, so have fun with the registries and enjoy your baby shower planning!

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Free Printable Baby Shower Planner Checklist

Baby Shower Checklist PrintableBaby shower printable checklist

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Now that you’ve checked out the top 5 baby registry retailers, let me know in the comments which is your favorite and why?

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