How I prepared for labor and delivery

How to plan labor and delivery We all prepare for labor in the same way. We pack a hospital bag, preplan meals, setup up care for the older siblings and clean the house. We pretty much try to plan for anything! But there are decisions that when made in the moment can ruin the plan. What are the things that you haven’t planned for? Some of my fears when I was close to labor with my two girls were,  my spouse would be at work or I would not be home. My fear was being alone when I went into labor. I convinced myself that if I am alone, I would have to deliver without any assistance.

Your not at home or your spouse isn’t home when you go into labor

Are you close to your due date?  When I got closer to my due date with my first daughter my worst fear was my spouse wouldn’t be home or I would be away from home. Could you imagine, being unprepared in the middle of the mall and you suddenly go into labor? Or you are on your last day of work before maternity leave and you go into labor? I was afraid of being unprepared! I think most first times moms start to feel unprepared when their due date is approaching. So if you are a first time mom and you are nervous that you are unprepared for a spontaneous labor, here are a few different ways you can be prepared for a spontaneous labor.

  1. Prepack your bag and put it into the trunk of your car.
  2. Pack large towels in the trunk of your car.
  3. Make sure the car seat is already in the car.
  4. Always make sure your car has a full tank of gas.
  5. Make sure your phone is always charged.
  6. Make sure your spouse’s phone is always charged.

I made these precautions to ease my mind during the final trimester. With my first daughter, I felt unprepared during the entire journey. Everything that I thought I was going to be able to do did not go as planned. So as I made my way through my third trimester, my nerves began to take over.

The moment I finally went into labor, things did happen as fast as I thought. My spouse was not at home and I was actually sleeping when my water broke. I woke up confused about what was happening. At first, I thought I peed on myself! I thought out loud, well great, how do I explain that I peed in the bed and we need a new mattress immediately. I got out of bed and realized that I was still peeing! OMG, this isn’t pee, this is the real deal. I went into overdrive. I called my spouse at work and I headed to the door. As I got on my coat the pain that I felt literally brought me to my knees. I was worried about the pain, but I was more so worried about driving to the hospital. I called my spouse back to say that I needed to be picked up. Luckily, my spouse worked about 15 minutes away from home. Which because I was in labor went by quickly or maybe the time was cut in half because it was an emergency. Either way, I was in enough pain to not really care about anything happening on the road. My eyes were shut almost the entire time only opening to figure out why we are not at the hospital yet.

Although things were not going according to the original plan of driving myself to the hospital. The things that were already packed in the car worked out really well. The towels were already on my seat when I came outside the house, the car had enough gas to get us to the hospital, the car seat was already secured in the back seat and all of the hospital bags were in the trunk. It took a total of 1 hour from the time I realized I was in labor until the time I rolled into the hospital bed. My first baby was born after three hours of hospital bed labor. I say hospital bed labor because I think I went into labor the day before because I remember having back pain that forced me to lay down for the entire day. It was an interesting tug and pull between nesting and laying around with back contractions all day. Both are really powerful, and only one is enjoyable.

Review the list above and determine what will be the best course of action in case of an emergency that you are not planning for. By following the list above, whatever the emergency may be, these are things that can help you save time and get to the hospital quickly. What are the ways that you have prepared for delivery?

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